Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Just what I wanted

I'm reminded of a post from years ago, where we went to the open studio at the art museum and I said, "This is what I want--a room with lots of windows, and a big table, and a sink." I didn't exactly have this in mind while we were house-hunting, but I realized that I did in fact get all three of these things, just not in the same place. 

The living room has these big windows--almost floor-to-ceiling--and the morning light is just perfect for a painting project. I've been working on this backdrop for the Festival of the Nativity, and it really hasn't been in the way at all.  Just having the space is amazing.  The light makes me ridiculously happy.

The family room downstairs is about the same size as our living room and dining room in our old apartment--plenty of room to set up the computers and bookcases and our little old loveseat (by the TV and fireplace) and still have room for a nice big craft table.  (The light here is not as good, but we will see what we can do about that!)

And in the downstairs utility room there's a nice wide sink with a sprayer.  Great for cleaning brushes and what-have-you. 

The house has its issues (the upstairs bathroom needs a lot of work in a hurry), but we are finding plenty of things about it to appreciate!  There will be lots of creating going on.

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Helen in Australia said...

It's nice having spaces you like being ... and enough room to leave projects set up while they're in progress.