Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Bridge at Wapato Park

It's a cool long, narrow bridge, high over wetlands. Kate and I went to Wapato Park for the first time (without the camera) back in June. I had seen some pictures of this bridge but didn't know exactly where it was. We managed to find it along the back edge of the park. We thought Dad and Andy would enjoy it too, so we all went back together.

You're pretty much level with the tree canopy, and the trees are really close, too.  Parts of it are like going through a dense, leafy tunnel.

Andy takes off. Kate is always ready to chase him down.

We walked the rest of the way around the lake and ended up at the playground. Andy had some fun with this animal-mix-up board. We decided the rabbit-turtle combination should be called a harapin. (That's hare-terrapin... I figured I should explain that since we don't use the word terrapin much in the U.S.)

The kids have fun climbing around on the playground. I mostly just putz around with the camera and end up taking weird photos.

Kate spotted several people playing Pokemon Go. The park seems to be a hot spot.

I didn't get any pictures of the lake.  It's a nice walk around.  Pretty park!

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Helen in Australia said...

It's always nice to find a good park with a mix of features. Looks like a nice place (I hope the lake is nice too!)