Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First Grade and Fifth Grade

It's back to school time again! We're starting later than last year, but it still feels like the summer just whizzed by. Kate is in Intermediate School this year (5-7 grade... I know, weird system!). She starts about half an hour later than Andy, but we managed to get them both ready so we could get a picture together.

Andy was so excited. When he saw the bus he started running, grinning and making happy noises. He's in the Spectrum Support program, so he has the same teacher and same classroom as last year. They love him.

We put some new panels on Kate's lunch box--kind of a last-minute thing the night before, but they turned out cute. I cut up a spare gelli print and she drew on top of them.

Kate at her desk. She's been in the Challenge Program for the past two years, but it was just not a good fit (lots of stress and anxiety, not helped by her tendency toward flights of fancy and woolgathering during math class), so we got her out of it. But she's had the same classmates and teacher for two years, so this is a big change. New school and new people. I hope she can make some friends.

Have a great year, kids!

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Heather T. said...

I'm sure she'll make plenty of friends--she's so sweet! We took Allen out of the advanced placement stuff for the same reason--too much stress, not enough enjoyment. Maybe in college they'll find stuff to make their brains buzz! ♥