Friday, February 13, 2015

In which Doug hits half a century.

This guy is fifty today! (This is rather unfathomable... fifty?  Really?)  Still as cute as ever. 

Doug's big present is still on the way (clearly I should have ordered it sooner...) but I did have something for him. I got ahold of family and friends ahead of time and got people to contribute to a "50 things we love about Doug" card/book.

Andy got to add his own personal touch.

Helen Chick contributed a poem. (Clever!)

A gelli print for the back cover.

Doug and Kate enjoy checking out everyone's comments (while Andy hides under a blanket).  Doug is awesome and funny and smart and dependable and resourceful... so many things.  In fifty years he's developed some unusual talents and interests.  (And he makes fabulous homemade pasta!  Score!)

We had a nice little birthday observance at home. Andy's been sick all week with a cough, fever, and ear infection (ugh!) but he's finally starting to feel better, and we had a gorgeous sunny day. (I started some tomato seeds!) We are planning to continue our celebration with a trip to East India Grill on Monday.

Happy birthday Doug!  


Doug said...

Thanks for the happy birthday wish, and the lovely book. The personal touch means a whole bunch. It has been an honor and a joy sharing all these birthdays with you!

Heather T. said...

What a wonderful present! And Andy wrote in the book too--how very cool!