Friday, February 27, 2015

Birthday Jjigae

Doug and I went to to lunch (without the kids!) and I got some kimchi jjigae for my birthday. This time we went to Gangnam BBQ (which used to be Honey Pig and was Duriban before that). It wasn't the best jjigae I've had--I think the kimchi was too fresh--but it was a good meal. I ate three bowls of rice.  (They were not overly full to start with, but still, lotta rice.) And then I got a birthday nap, which was awesome. And my family called and sang to me badly, as is traditional.

We finished up the day with a ward activity (where I got a nice long sit-and-chat with friends), and I did not have to do any cooking or dishes all day.  (Aside from the breakfast oatmeal.  Which I'm not counting.)  So, all around, good day!

Doug got me some flowers, too (roses and alstromerias). Awww!

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