Friday, December 27, 2013

Five and Nine

It's birthday-birthday day!  Can you believe we have a nine-year-old and a five-year old now?  How the time flies. 

We made birthday pancakes and birthday pizzas, but for the cake we decided to go the slab-o'-panettone route again--easy, ready to hand, and nicely photogenic!

And hey, I finally found out how to get rid of those green reflection spots that have been plaguing my birthday candle photos--take the (cheap) UV filter off my lens. Ta da! No more green spots!

This should be exciting!

We got Andy a couple of Elephant and Piggie books (always a hit). He was so cute--he had to finish reading this one before we could get him to open the other. (Yes, I know, he needs a haircut in the worst way.)


We went to Odyssey with Kate's friend Emma, and then came back and made individual pizzas.  I got the crusts ready ahead of time and baked them for about five minutes (my moment of brilliance), and when we got back they were waiting to be decorated and popped in the oven again.

Right as Emma was leaving the sister missionaries stopped by (just door-knocked into us), so they came in  and visited for a while.  They looked at some of Kate's drawings and read a book with Andy, which was great fun. Andy stage-manages everyone into reading in parts.  (I was Piggie.)

We sure love these kids.   We've had some big adjustments as a family, and they've both grown so much this year.

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