Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas at Home

Our tree this year was a Fraser fir. I found it a little tricky for putting lights on, as the branches criss-cross each other in weird ways, but once that was done it was nice. (And almost too tall for the ceiling!)

Kate was up bright and early and ready to open presents. Andy was a bit more groggy and took while to get moving.

From Grandma Mary! (Kate named it Fluffy.)

Aunt Karen found this game for us. Don't let the pigeon drive the bus! (We've been playing it--it's cute!)

Helping Andy open a new Magna-Doodle.

Andy knows what Magna-Doodles are for... making letters!

"This is exactly what I wanted!" (from Grandma Kathey).

Kate made us an ornament at school.

My mom got thesefor Andy. We figured they'd be right up his alley--putting things in order. He seems to be enjoying them.  I did have to tell him a few times not to try to sit on the garages. They're not that sturdy.

Kate getting comfy on the couch, with her books. Merry Christmas!

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