Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Third Grade, New School!

Moving is a big deal.  We haven't even begun the actual move yet, but Kate gets to move school districts.  She started her first day of third grade at her new school on Tuesday.  It was a rainy morning, so we couldn't do our traditional pictures out on the sidewalk steps. 

I digi-scrapped Kate's lunchbox!

University Place schools started the day before Tacoma. They also start forty-five minutes earlier, and until we get moved into the new house we've got a commute of 15-20 minutes, so we've had to adjust our schedule. We will miss walking to school, and chatting with the crossing guards. Kate has some good friends that she will miss also, but hopefully we can still get together.  (I also had to buy "real" clothes this year, since this school does not have the uniform-like dress code.  Lots of adjustments!)

At her desk and ready to go!

I wasn't sure how Kate was going to take switching schools, but it's going well so far.  She's already made a couple of friends in her class. They play something they call Pink Ninjas at recess. Sounds like Kate's kind of crowd.

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Wingnut said...

That second photo is priceless. I did some school moves. I hope she continues to make the transition well. She's in my prayers :)