Monday, September 02, 2013

Kate's Dragons (2013 edition)

Kate wanted to do more dragon pictures like the ones she made a couple of years ago, so we went out after church and got some photos, and then she went to work in Photoshop.

This little guy wants a bite of Kate's marshmallow.

The bright sunshine drove us into the shade by the rock wall, where I discovered that we were getting some great reflected light off the parked cars. (That's Santa Pillbug crawling up the wall in the background.)

Dragon in a tree.

This one's hatching out of an egg.

(I helped with the arm overlapping on this one--she had it down but I just smoothed out the lines a bit.)

So cute!


wholarmor said...

Love it! The one in the tree reminds me of Pete's Dragon.

Helen in Australia said...

Who's her mother's daughter?! These are lovely: whimsical, bright, quirky, fun, and colourful.