Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bee Mine

I came up with something cute and easy for Andy's valentines--thumbprint bees.  Easy is good, because I put it off till the night before Valentine's Day and had to get them done in a hurry.  Now that we have two kids in school there are more of these things to think about!

Kate made her own valentines again (I cut out the hearts for her). She drew a dragon on each one, and came up with a message for the inside. (Some of the things she comes up with are a bit unusual... I hope her classmates appreciated her creative efforts!)

Both kids came home with lots of candy. That seems to be the thing these days--valentines include candy. I don't think we really did that when I was in school.

Something else I discovered:  Kids + balloons = CRAZY GO NUTS!  They kept getting distracted by the balloons while we were getting ready for school, and then while I was taking pictures of Andy's valentines on the back porch, Andy tried to release the balloons into the wild.  Two of them did escape, while two more caught under the roof of our upstairs neighbor's balcony and were quickly retrieved.  So now we are down to four balloons.  Kate has given them all names and complex social relationships. 


Beth Niquette said...

How incredibly creative! Your little daughter is as talented as her Mum.


Heather T. said...

Wow, she put soooo much work into those--that's highly commendable! Your last sentence totally cracked me up. =)