Friday, August 31, 2012

Kate Swims!

Kate had a couple of swim sessions at the YMCA a couple of years ago, which I didn't feel were particularly productive.  This summer we decided to sign her up for Real Live Every Day Swimming Lessons.  In these past four weeks she's suddenly transformed into a little fish.

The day that she learned how to open her eyes under water, she came running out of the pool yelling, "I LOVE SWIMMING LESSONS!"  She was just so excited and so proud of herself.  We dug out the goggles (which, as I recall, were originally purchased with the hope of alleviating some of the hair-washing drama at bath time) and now she likes to stay under even longer, because it's so cool. 

We got some video for her last day.  Lessons are at Kandle Pool, which has a wave generator.  They don't normally have the waves on during swimming lessons, but they turn them on for a bit on the last day of the session.  (Exciting!)

Kate heads into the pool.

She's getting pretty good at this!

Kate's teacher counts a ten-second front float.

Molly Beecher was in the session right after ours, and we got to see her every day as she was coming in and we were going out. Molly has a couple different swimsuits, and one matches Kate's (so of course I had to get a picture).

The zero-depth entry pool is fun because the kids can practice in the really shallow water.  I wish they'd had something like that when I was growing up!

Kate doing her "Underwater Flying Dragon" impression.

Quite a long way from the girl who didn't want to get in the water when she was little!  It's been great for her to have this experience of learning something new and practicing and getting to be good at it, and enjoying it! 


wholarmor said...

Good job, Kate! She really is a little fish!

Barbie Mills said...

I remember her walking around the pool at the hotel when Peter and Karen got married, putting her hand in, and then trying a different spot, then falling in and being very upset. I'm glad she's having so much fun!

Helena said...

Well no, when Peter and Karen got married she was about three months old. That happened when we were out in California when she was three and a half.