Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cosmos and Cold Noodles

We went down to Lakewood to get some Korean lunch for my coming-home-from-mission anniversary day. And since we were out of kim (seaweed), we had to stop by Paldo World first to get some. Outside Paldo World was this big stand of cosmos flowers. Cosmos always make me think of Korea in the fall.  It's not quite fall here yet--we've just barely had our Pacific Northwest Summer, during which everyone is miserable for about a week or so because no one has air conditioning here, and then it goes back to normal. 

I got some naeng myun at Chung Ki Wa. By this point the warm weather had broken and Saturday was rather cool, but I'd been thinking about cold noodles all week so I went ahead and got some anyway. (As it turned out it was not the best naeng myun I've had... I like Chung Ki Wa but they seem rather inconsistent. It had apple slices in it instead of pear. I've never seen that.)

The kids mostly ate lots of rice and kim, and whatever else we could tempt them with. I gave Kate the half-a-hard-boiled-egg out of my naeng myun. She has recently discovered that she likes hard boiled eggs. (We hardly ever make them. Doug is not a fan.)

I also got some kimchi jjigae to go, to take home and eat for leftovers. It's always better the next day!

Here I am at Dae Dun San, in Korea, surrounded by cosmos (looks like some daisies in there too).  This was taken in early October, 1992. 

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scrapper al said...

Have you tried tea eggs? They are easy to make and a nice change from plain hard boiled eggs. Here's one recipe: I leave out the sugar when I make mine.