Saturday, June 23, 2012

In which Helena engages in some fangirl flailing

I had something happen this week that turned out to be pretty exciting.  Iain MacKinnon (of Isle of Lewis, Scotland) wrote this fabulous "Rainbow Connection" parody for The Grimm Podcast.  As soon as I heard the song I thought, "This needs to be a video!"  I could just see the whole thing in my head, listening to it.  Now sometimes I get ideas that may take me months (or years) to implement, but every once in a while I get struck with something that I just have to do RIGHT NOW.  This was definitely one of those cases.  I started working on the video that night, in a frenzy of concentration, and had it all finished and uploaded by early afternoon the next day.

Response has been great and just so fun. We got a re-tweet from actor David Giuntoli (which gave me a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights moment), and he also made a nice comment on Iain's absolutely perfect Kermit voice).  And we got a mention from Akela Cooper (one of the writers on the show), who said "We all got a big kick out of this this in the writers room today."  The video got 1,000 views in less than two days.  I kept coming back and refreshing and squeaking in amazement. 

Of course the video is entirely peripheral to Iain's awesome song,  but it's just been fun to be involved with something like this that made a bit of a splash for a couple of days.  I was riding on an adrenaline high for a while there. 

When I finished the video I was in a hurry to share it, and after I got it uploaded I realized there's a stray frame that I missed.   Of course now it drives me nuts every time I watch it  (my Engineer Dad genes keep poking at me).  I must keep this in mind the next time I get over-excited about something.

I have to share these LEGO minifigs that I put together recently.  (Yep, I'm obsessed.)  Kate has been playing with them.  We had to explain--"This is Nick and Monroe.  Nick is a police detective, and Monroe is... ummm.... He's a clock maker."  (She's a little young to watch the show for a few years yet, I think!)

I also finished my review of Season One on Amazon.  50 more days till Season Two,  Oh, the torment.

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Barbie Mills said...

That is just so fun.

I watched the video and didn't notice anything stray. Most people probably won't either.