Friday, June 22, 2012

The End of First Grade!

It's the last day of school! (Yes, our district got out pretty late. I think they added a week on because of the strike.)

Last year I got a picture of Kate coming out of school on the last day of Kindergarten, with her dragon costume on. I think she remembered this, as she has been wearing her dragon costume all week. I didn't try to replicate the picture this time, because it was raining, but I did get a shot of Kate coming into the house after Doug picked her up.

I also got a photo of Kate with her teacher, earlier this week. Awww! Kate has had a couple of great teachers in her school career thus far.  It takes a special kind of person, I think!

It's been a good year. We had a bit of a rocky time early on, but once she settled in it was great. She's done really well with her reading and math, and enjoyed some fun science lessons. When I asked her, "What was your favorite thing at school this year?" she said, "Oh, just about everything!"


Heather T. said...

So glad she enjoyed herself--and what a darling she is!

Barbie Mills said...

I'm glad she settled in well! She did have a rough start!