Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dryer Casualty

This is a page from The Happy Hocky Family by Lane Smith. (If you haven't read it you should really check it out. It's hilarious.)

This is (or was) Kate's plastic slinky that she got from the dentist.



Heather T. said...

Whoops. *grins* It's quite an intriguing new shape, though!

Helen in Australia said...

Ahh, that would be the same Lane Smith who did the very amusing Maths Curse (oops, "Math Curse" for you guys (actually, I will admit that it was Math Curse originally and that they did a MathS Curse for us guys but leaving in the American dollar bills and the references to the obscure sport of baseball). See also the witty "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs".

Helena said...

We have a book that he and Jon Sczieska did called Cowboy And Octopus out of the library right now. Kate thinks it's hilarious.