Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 Butterflies

It's the one hundredth day of school! I know when I was in school we never even knew when the hundredth day was, but this seems to be a fairly common thing now.  There's even a song about it on Starfall.

Kate's teacher gave each of the students a big sheet of paper to put one hundred things on.  Grandma Mary sent Kate some cute butterfly stickers for Valentine's Day, so we decided to do one hundred butterflies.

Kate put the stickers together and then made these cute little fingerprint butterflies with my stamping ink.

Here's the final result! Stickers, drawings, stamps, fingerprints (the large fingerprints are mine), and lots and lots of punchies. The funny-looking one at the bottom is a Shark Butterfly.

We also sent along one hundred raisins for the "100 day trail mix."  (Actually the paper that Kate brought home said "trial mix," but I'm assuming that was a typo.)

What an exciting week it's been at school!  And it's only Tuesday!


Helen in Australia said...

Oh, I don't know: I reckon having to count out 100 raisins makes it trial mix. :-)

Susan said...

We didn't mark the 100th day of school when I was growing up, either, but all my children (so far--I only have 1 left to go) have.

Cute butterflies!

Casey Wright said...

Awe! What a cute collage - love this!

Jen Allyson said...

awe I love the butterflies! Great job

Anonymous said...

we did the 100th day of school thing when i was in first grade, but that was the only year. every day in the morning we would count how many days of school had passed, we kept track on a big chart. and then on the 100th day we had a "100 party". I remember it being fun.

I am thirty by the way, so this happened in the mid-80's.

Lisan said...

Here in Belgium we celebrate only 100 days of school left to go. :)

Kathey said...

Love the butterflies.

Amanda said...

I suspect it's easier to keep track of 100 days now that so many schools use calendar math. Every grade I know of keeps track of the first 100 days--with different patterns depending on the grade--on adding calculator tape.

My favorite part of the 100 days celebration is when we have 100 seconds of SILENCE.