Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andy at 22 months

Andy's favorites at this age:

walking around with a blanket on his head
making faces at himself in the mirror
climbing up slides
pushing buttons on anything
standing on tip-toe to see if he can pull the phone off the counter
crushed ice and pomegranate juice
freeze dried strawberries and mango from Trader Joe's

Andy managed to climb out of his crib a couple of days ago, and hit the floor with a loud thump and a wail. (We don't think he landed on his head.)

He's definitely going to be one of those kids who likes to take things apart to figure out how they work. He's also showing signs of being left-handed. Perhaps he'll be a left-handed engineer like my dad.

(He needs a haircut!)


Heather T. said...

Oh, his eyes just sparkle with curiosity and intelligence--adorable set of photos, Helena!

Amy Sorensen said...

ooooooh....He is adorable!

Wingnut said...

Man oh man what a face! Those eyes! That hair! those little red lips!!! Adorable :)