Monday, September 20, 2010


Doug went back to work today. The two weeks went by too quickly, and my painting outside plan didn't work out too well. I did manage to get a bit done. The weather has been pretty drippy. Kate and I have been enjoying finding slugs on the way to school in the mornings. We like to poke them and yell "Aaagh! My eye!" (Easily amused.) Now she wants a pet slug.

A friend mentioned that I should expect Kate to be more tired than usual, with her new school schedule. That does seem to be the case, but I'm also finding that I'm really tired. Getting to bed around 9:30 does not seem too early.

Somewhere in there we passed a milestone, too. I realized that we've been here for ten years now. Ten years since we drove out in our old green truck, Lukey, all the way from Newfoundland, and Doug began his adjunct faculty gig. We're on our third apartment now, all in the same zip code, and we've doubled the size of our family. It's been a good place for us to be.

Andy had some kind of intestinal trouble today which led to me doing laundry all day. Hopefully he's feeling better now!


Mimi said...

We've been well blessed to have you for ten years! Huzzah!

I hear you on the tired thing.

Helen in Australia said...

I remember Lukey! Whatever happened to him? ("I'll get me another in the spring of the year, Aha, me boys a diddle-i-day")

Helena said...

Lukey developed transmission problems and went to live with a guy in the ward here. I'm not sure how he's doing now.

Kathey said...

It's so nice to have a low amusement threshold. :D

Ten years--ten creative years, ten important years with lots of milestones. Sweet.