Monday, July 12, 2010

Portland (pool, pictures, pizza!)

We heard about the animatronic dinosaurs at the Oregon Zoo and thought our little dinosaur fan would love it, so we took a quick trip down to Portland. We drove down on Wednesday afternoon (June 23rd) and stayed at La Quinta Inn, went to the zoo on Thursday and then came back home. 

La Quinta had an indoor pool, so we took the kids swimming. They had some water wing floaties that Kate used. She was really paddling around for the first time. It was so fun to see. Andy loved the water, too. (Nice and warm!)

At the pool we ran into the owners of our old apartment complex (the place we were living when Kate was born), who were there with their grandkids. That was a bit surreal.

After swimming we went to get some dinner. Doug had been to Old Town Pizza when in Portland before, and was able to find it again. Cool place!

The kids colored and played with a wooden pizza puzzle while we waited for our meal. (That's Kate's pool hair.)

We got pizza with kalamata olives, prosciutto, mushrooms, and pine nuts. Yum!


Mimi said...

Love the pizza puzzle idea!

Susan said...

Hey, we have that toy!

Laura Call said...

That pizza looks delicious! What a fun trip.

golonghorns said...

Went back through you older entries. Looks like you've had a busy and exciting summer! Your kids are too cute :)

Liberty said...

Sounds like a fun time!!!

We'll have to check out the dinosaurs down there. My daughter is also a dinosuar nut :) We have yet to take her to the Portland zoo... maybe it is time!

joven said...

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