Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Kate's Rescue Mission" (story by Kate)

We don't remember exactly when Kate wrote this story--any time between August and November, probably. This one has a bit more of a coherent narrative structure than a lot of things she comes up with. Doug did the writing at Kate's dictation.

Kate called beetles, bugs, and butterflies to play with her. Some fell off and landed on their backs.

Kate's video watch showed her a giganotosaurus eating a bug. A nearby Tyrannosaur was eating a bug, too.

(I'd never heard of a giganotosaurus before. It is an actual dinosaur.)

The giganotosaurus looked at the bug. "YUM," he said, "that is a tasty bug!"

The giganotosaurus GRABBED the bug that came from Chevy's restaurant!

(Bet you didn't know they served those there, did you?)

"Oh darn," said Kate. "The giganotosaurus is eating that bug!"

Kate to the rescue! "I am coming to help you, bug!" called Kate.

(Here you can see Kate's hands on her hips in a heroic stance, with her cape blowing out behind her. The cape has a K on it.)

The giganotosaurus tried to eat the bug!

Kate rescued the bug from the hungry giganotosaurus. Kate was a hero!

(I love the expressions in this one.)

But the giganotosaurus ate the bug anyway. CHOMP!

(A surprise ending! Ha.)


MamaBug said...

Love that girl!! She's very creative, much like her parents, whom we love too. ;)

Helen in Australia said...

Is it possible to have whimsy-hysterics? I am rolling on the floor in laughter and admiration.

Karen Ahlstrom said...

Lizbeth liked hearing this story. When it was over she said, "'Gin. gantosor 'gin!"

Barbie said...

I loved the expression in that second-to-last one too. What a great story! Kate was a hero! But then it ate the bug anyway. ha.

Wingnut said...

That is awesome! What a kid!!!

Kathey said...

I love it. Perhaps one day she will write books and do her own illustrations. ^-^

Heather T. said...

Oh, ouch. My tummy hurts. So funny!!!

Lorri said...

I just shared Kate's story with my mom (retired Kindergarten teacher) and she LOVED it too! Go Kate!

golonghorns said...

That was fantastic, she is the next Mo Willems!

Chris said...

This is so dang cute! What an amazing keepsake. You have a budding author-illustrator on your hands. :)