Monday, February 01, 2010

Bipartisan Porch Tactics

January 19th. A nice day, warmish--in fact my temperature thing on the computer says it's 60 degrees. Kate wants to go outside and paint the porch.

Andy wants to go out too. I should be able to keep both kids happy at the same time, right?

I hope.

Kate is using chalk and water. A mixed-media experience.

So far so good!

(Isn't this jacket cute? It has appliqued antennae in the hood. Scott brought it back from Disneyland for us.)

Andy, stay out of the water! Oh, what the heck. It's 60 degrees.

I can change him when we go back inside.

Kate! Don't splash your brother! Well, don't splash him much.

"Who, me?"

Evidence of splashing.


"The chalk is mine! Mine!"

Time for dry clothes!


aaron&marianne said...

what a fun momma you are- and a great photographer as well

Heather T. said...

*giggles* Too cute!!

Susan said...

They are both adorable--Andy's teeth are great!

Kathey said...

I have fond memories of you kids painting the porch. It's fun to see family traditions getting passed down--even "little ones".

Andy was finger painting the porch. :) I'm glad you allow your kids to get wet, or dirty, at times. ^-^

Love, Mom

MamaBug said...

Ha! Way too cute.

The word verification says sphsash. Seems rather splashy to me. :)

April said...

lol They had some fun! Maiah loves looking at pictures of your kiddos. So do I. :)

Heidi said...

They are just darling. And he looks so victorious!