Thursday, February 12, 2009

Andy at 6 weeks

We made it through six weeks already! Yay!

I've mentioned Andy's nightly screaming sessions. He's been varying the times. Monday night he didn't scream till it was almost time to get up. Tuesday night he kept me more-or-less awake from midnight to about four. I definitely needed a nap after that. Last night he got most of his screaming out of the way before bed, and then slept solidly for the same midnight-to-four stretch. Ahhhhh! He still sleeps really well during the day. It's tempting to just let him sleep as much as possible, so I can get other things done, but I know he does better at night if I keep him awake a bit more during the day.

I remember Kate starting to smile at this age. Andy mostly looks worried, but he does give us a few cute little smiles.


Eternal Helpmates said...

Yay! New pictures! I think Hali has a crush on Andy. She'll love looking at the new pitures of the baby.

Amy Sorensen said...

He's such a cutie! Kaleb did that screaming-in-the-evening thing as a newborn. I'd say it gets easier but, you know: he still screams a lot! ;) Enjoy your little Andy!

Lara said...

Despite the screaming, he sure is cute!

Kathey said...

I especially LOVE the second picture down.

How about having Doug give him a blessing for the screaming?

Love, Mom