Thursday, August 21, 2008

Felt Butterfly

(Me to Doug):

"I'm making a multi-media butterfly."


"Errr... I mean mixed media!"

Inspired a little by this book and a little by Princess Lasertron, made with felt, embroidery floss, beads, Sculpey, and wire. Kate was quite intrigued by the process. I told her she could have it to play with after I finished it and got a picture. She said, "Oh, it's so beautiful!"

We went to The Bead Factory after our Korean lunch on Monday, to get some pink beads (they didn't have what I wanted at Artco). Shortly after we got there, a teenage boy knocked over a tray of beads. While they were picking everything up, one of the employees said, "You can hear all the moms gasp and look around, and say, 'Whew! It wasn't my kid!'" Well, sure enough, not long after that, Kate also knocked over a tray of beads. (It was low down, and a bit longer than the shelf it was on. She put her hand on it and it just tipped right over.) She was traumatized. It was kind of funny--I've been in there several times and never saw anyone knock anything over, and then it happens twice in about fifteen minutes. They said it's quite a common occurrence. They have a little bead-vacuum thing to pick them up with. (Perhaps a re-design of the displays might be in order.) We were properly mortified and got out of there as quickly as possible.

(Butterfly is now part of this set!)


Ernie said...

Kate is right... it is beautiful!

Barb said...

That is so cool! Did you do all the swirly embroidery too? That is a really pretty stitch. I must say, however, that this one seems quite a bit less sturdy than Kate's Mariposa.

Karen Ahlstrom said...

So so pretty! I think I might just have to make one! Great job!

Kathey said...

Gorgeous. But sorry that Kate got traumatized. Perhaps Tappy Bear could help.

Love, Mom

Brandy said...

Wow! That is beautiful! I can see why she would want to play with it. :)

Sorry to hear she was traumatized. Poor thing!

Cookie said...

Very pretty. Maybe you can make it talk and then it'll be multi-media :).

Dean and Ida said...

Very Cool! I am sure i will be having those "bead store moments" soon enough... oh that will be fun! :-)

Kellee said...

beautiful butterfly! I've been meaning to try making some princess lasertron flowers but am wondering how many embroidery stitches I remember :( I used to do a ton when I was young then went to counted cross stitch and don't know that I remember anything other than a running stitch or french knot.