Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mom stuff

Three years ago, Doug made this flash movie for his mom for Mother's Day. I just dug it up today and thought I'd share it here. Kate sure was a cute little squidgit.

We are excited about the new little one! The official due date at this point is Christmas, but I'm thinking it'll be a bit after that. We'll have to see what the measurements say when I get an ultrasound in a few weeks. If it's a girl we'll be able to use all the same clothes again, since the seasons will match.

I'm doing okay, mostly, so far--a little queasy, a little more tired than usual, and my appetite is doing weird things. Kate's not feeling well today so we had a nap together.


Jackietex said...

Oh, that movie was so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. My baby days are gone and the teen years are so...interesting. I loved being taken back to those early wondrous days. Congratulations on the new wee one!

juliekintaiwan said...

I just wanted to say again how happy I am for your family!

Mimi said...

We were able to do that, we had two boys who were both born in the same season.

And, my midwife called that "food confusion" boy do I remember it.

Hopefully all are feeling better today.

Kathey said...

Wonderful flash movie. SO, so sweet.

See you soon.

Love, Mom

Carin said...

I hope the yucky feeling goes away soon! HUGS!

Ernie said...

squidgit... I like it! :)