Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun with Disaster Simulations

I've been the secretary of the Stake Emergency Management Team (at church) for about four years now. Scott recently asked for Doug to be on the team, as well, so it's become a family affair. They just completed running another Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class, and finished up with a disaster simulation down at the port this last Saturday. There seems to be no shortage of disused buildings at the port, and Scott has previously run these simulations in an old bank, a gym, and a kite factory. I don't even know what this building was.

I was there to take pictures of the simulation, but I ended up taking a lot of pictures of Kate, too. Since Doug and I both had to be there we just took her along with us. She did very well. (Right at the end her patience ran out, and she kept asking, "Are you ready?")

Tom put these sunglasses on her. Har har.

This seems to be Kate's new "smile for the camera" face.

Asking her to say "Wheeee!" works sometimes.

Here Doug gets to practice putting out a fire. (Kate thought this was very cool.)

And here's the "victim" from the cribbing exercise, Headless Harry.

Doug and Kate share a doughnut.

After the simulation we went to Chevys for lunch (yum!) and then I took a long nap. That was lovely.


Carin said...

She is such a doll I can't believe how she is good for you during all this. My kids would have been running around causeing more disasters.

Kathey said...

Hi Helena,

Enjoyed your pictures. I love the sun glasses. It looks like you had a pretty neat day.

Love, Mom