Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, we're still here! Doug and Kate both had a viral thing. Doug picked it up somewhere and spent two days in bed. Kate was crawling in with him to comfort him. I just figured we'd all get it anyway, so I wasn't really trying to keep her away from him, but I never came down with it, so maybe I could have kept her from getting sick. She had a fever and threw up a couple times and was just generally miserable for a while. She's much improved but has a lingering cough and still isn't quite back to her perky cheerful self.

This is the season of job applications. There are quite a few schools posting full-time positions right now, so Doug's busy applying. Some of the applications are quite a bit more complicated and time-consuming than others. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

I've been taking Kate out places to give Doug some time to work on things uninterrupted. Yesterday we went to the zoo. (I figured some fresh air would do her good.) She was the one who suggested the zoo. She said she wanted to go see the animals, but nooooo, what she really wanted to do was spend an hour in the gift shop. Later, we were over at the Kids Zone playing on the otter slide when she decided she wanted her apple juice, which we had left in the car. I explained that if she wanted her juice we would have to go to the car to get it.

"You go get it, Mama," she said. "I'll stay here."

"You can't stay here by yourself," I said. "We can go get it together."

"No! You get it. I'll stay here."

"You're too little to stay here by yourself."

"I'm big now!"

"Yes, you're very big, but you can't stay by yourself."

"You go get it, Mama! I'll stay here and be bigger."

I eventually convinced her that I was not going to leave her there, and we hiked back up to the car and retrieved the apple juice. She's definitely got an independent streak.

My camera is at Canon now. I got an estimate and gave them the go-ahead to fix it, and I hope to have it back in a couple of weeks. It's been rough being camera-less, with the weather getting warmer and the trees blooming. Alas!

I just found out that an old friend from BYU has cancer. He's a year younger than I am and has six kids. Dang.


Mimi said...

Prayers for your friend.

Best wishes to Doug!

juliekintaiwan said...

Fingers crossed for a great job, and speedy recoveries. Kate is cute as always.

Amy Sorensen said...

Having just suffered through this with my family, I'm offering up empathy! Hope everyone is better now AND I hope the job hunt goes well! I hear that the newly-minted UVU needs a folklore professor. Actually I made that up, but I DO know they are looking for more professors there, and booting out the adjuncts as fast as they can, so hey: move back to Utah!

Beverly said...

I'm glad you Doug and Kate are on the mend, and wishing good luck with the job applications.

I'm so sorry about your friend. I really hate cancer. I'm hoping one day soon we will find a cure for that monster.

Kathy said...

Hi I just wandered into your blog while little ones are fighting a virus now too. I hate seeing them so sick!!!

Laura Call said...

So glad to hear your family is feeling better, that's never fun! And ya gotta love it when the little ones decide to be completely independent when you're out in public... that's a tough one, but it sounds like you handled it very well.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend having cancer. My dad had cancer... my heart goes out to your friend and his family.