Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blessed are the Easily Amused

I have this ability to burst out laughing at odd moments because I've thought of something funny that happened earlier. One of my mission companions thought it was very strange. I think Doug's pretty much gotten used to it. He'll hear me snicker, apropos of nothing, and say, "What?" and I'll tell him what I was thinking of. Yesterday my mom mentioned that our friends the Van Hoose family have a van with a license plate that says "Hoose." I thought that was just the best thing I'd heard all day and kept giggling about it. But then, I'm easily amused. This is no secret.

My family in general has a pretty low amusement threshold. We regard this as a good thing. I remember once, at BYU, expressing appreciation for a low amusement threshold, and one of my roommates reacted rather strongly to the contrary. I'm thinking either she liked being bored or she didn't understand what I was saying.

So if you ever hear me burst out laughing at nothing, just ask me what's so funny. I won't mind. ;)

Kate is doing a lot better but still coughing a bit. Every time she coughs she says, "I don't need cough medicine!" She just wants to make sure we know. In case we might think she's changed her mind or something.

At NDISB we're working on a collab kit of fasteners for this next month. As I still don't have my camera, I borrowed the Bishop's 40D (thanks!) and took pictures of a few things to use. I shot in RAW, like I usually do. Then after I returned the camera, I had a brief moment of panic when I discovered I couldn't open the 40D's RAW files in any of my software. I was eventually able to find an update for Canon's Digital Photo Pro, which is what I usually use for RAW conversion, but I wasted a good part of the morning looking for a solution. I miss my camera.


Laura Call said...

I think it's a great quality to be easily amused!

Mimi said...

I'm the same way, and consider it a good thing.