Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Morn

This was the first year that Kate really understood the egg hunt thing. She was all excited about it. When I told her the night before that we were going to go outside and find eggs and put them in her basket, she kept asking, "Is it morning?"

The morning was rainy. Kate wore this cute dress that her Aunt Barb made, but you can't see much of it under the coat.

We had a few plastic eggs scattered around, some with little treats in them. I managed to snap a few photos as Kate dashed around in the drizzle.

It was a good thing we went outside, because Doug noticed that we had a very flat tire. He had enough time to get the spare on before we had to leave for church.

Kate wanted to look for eggs again, so we went inside and played find-the-eggs a few times while Doug changed the tire. I've discovered that Kate is really bad at looking for things. Even with the eggs out in plain sight, she had a hard time finding them. Maybe if we play find-the-eggs more often it'll be good practice for when she loses something.

After church we went over to Rebecca's house and ate bacon lentil soup and had an exciting game of Settlers of Catan. (Rebecca won, but it was really close.) She had some more eggs for Kate, too. We had an egg-filled day.

(I've had to edit this post about five times. And I just realized I titled it "Eater Morn." Oy.)


Barb said...

How cute. Maybe playing "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" would help her look for things too. I used to love/hate that game, depending on how well I did.

I'm glad she had a good time.

Mimi said...

It was horrible weather, I'm glad she dodged the rain drops and got the eggs. And, that you found the flat before tragedy ensued.

Beverly said...

I've been waiting to see Kate in her new Easter dress. She looks adorable all in pink.

Laura Call said...

I love the picture of Kate squatting down, reaching for the egg. That is really cute!!