Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Framing Eddie

This is what I got Doug for his birthday--a frame for his brass rubbing of Edward the Black Prince. He did this rubbing back before we got married, at a traveling exhibit in Provo, and he's been carting it around with him for years.

Eddie went to Newfoundland with us, and resided in the living room in a poorly-fitting frame (with no glass) that he would periodically fall out of. We'd walk by and discover Eddie leaning out of his frame, bowed down and trying to touch his toes. We'd straighten him up and say, "We really have to get a proper frame one of these days."

When I started designing, I told Doug that I would get Eddie framed for him. It took a while. We did take Eddie over to Artco once, to look into framing there. That seemed prohibitively expensive. (We like Eddie, but I don't know that we like him that much.) Then Rebecca told us about a local guy who does framing out of his house, so we went to see him. We decided to go with this thin black frame, which I think sets it off nicely. You can't see it in the picture, but it has some nice detailing around the edges. So we brought Eddie back home and stuck him on the wall.

I imagine Eddie is pleased, after all these years, to be properly framed and hung.


Heather T. said...

*smiling* That's a cute way to write about a rubbing. My mom had a couple of those as well--they were interesting and mystifying and a little eerie to me, as a child...

Mimi said...

Oh that is so cool!

And, Happy Birthday, my friend! Many Years to you!

Fooferoo said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't commented yet. I like the rubbing too!

By the way your photography is gorgeous.