Monday, January 28, 2008

"More medicine!"

This is not a post about medicine. This is actually a post about cinnamon. We have recently discovered that Kate really likes cinnamon, but she keeps calling it medicine. I suppose "cinnamon" and "medicine" might sound kind of similar, if you're not too familiar with either word. We have been correcting her, figuring it's probably a good idea to understand what medicine is and is not, but it hasn't sunk in yet. Tonight she asked for "more applesauce and medicine."

In the meal where the cinnamon was first introduced, Kate was having applesauce and horchata (a Mexican rice drink), which both go well with cinnamon, but she was also having a bit of a lime drink that Doug shared with her, and she wanted cinnamon in that too. She still sometimes asks for "lime juice and medicine." We try to tell her that lime and cinnamon don't really go together, but as they say, there's no accounting for taste.

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Val said...


I am Val, from ADSR3 (189) I end up on your blog, and I'd like to say I love Kate.
Medecine and Honk ... what a nice world!
My daugther is 2,5 years old and as we are living in a foreign country (iceland and we are french) we she is mixing some stuff (not too much, i am surprised) like
dog in french do "ouaf ouaf" and cat does "miaou". But icelandic cat does "ouaaa-ouaaa" it is a bit confusing for her.
anyway, tell Kate That cinamon and lime are perfect together if she like them.