Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Li'l Punkin

Doug got this little pumpkin/gourd thing for Kate a few days ago, and I drew a face on it with a Sharpie marker. Kate loves her little pumpkin. She went to sleep holding it the first night. She's got a thing for pumpkins right now. We've been playing scribblevision on Noggin and putting pumpkin heads on everything.

Yesterday we went out to Scholz Farm (Doug didn't have his classes at Green River, so we had a few hours free in the morning). Kate got off to a bad start when she tried to feed the chickens, stuck her hand through the fence, and got pecked. And then did it again. Poor kid. I was hoping to get some good pumpkin patch pictures, but it was really sunny (bad shadows) and Kate was a bit overwhelmed. We did pick up these two little Indian corn ears. (What are we calling Indian corn these days? Native American corn? Decorative holiday corn?) She was very impressed by the corn and was waving them around and talking to them, and held them all the way home.

Once we got home, we hit a snag that neither of us had anticipated. She didn't want to just hold the corn, she wanted to eat it. Kate knows what corn is, and she likes it. We got inside, I took her coat off, and right away she held up the corn and said, "Want to eat it, Mama!" I had to tell her that it wasn't eating corn, but she kept poking at the ears and saying, "Open it, Mama!" We did have some soup with corn in it for lunch, so that helped satisfy her. Doug had made this soup the day before--it's a bacon lentil soup with veggies in it, and he added some of the frozen fire-roasted corn from Trader Joe's (this stuff is so good). Kate mostly just picks the corn out and eats it. The soup also has carrots in it, which she normally likes, but boy, when there's corn around, that's all she wants.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! We were outside briefly without jackets on (and then I decided that if we were going to stay out for a while I should get Kate's denim jacket for her). We painted letters on the porch and threw leaves in the air, and poked at puddles in the parking lot. Here's a picture of Doug putting Kate's shoes on in the doorway.

My camera is off at a local shop getting cleaned. When I called they said there would be a 24-hour turn around time, but then when Doug dropped it off for me they said 48 hours. So I am now camera-less.

Kate saw me working on these photos and wanted to color. Here's her contribution:


acomedianswife said...

that is so cute she wanted to help!

Mimi said...

That's such a hard lesson to learn, that you can't eat the Native American Corn (beats me if that's the proper term)

RedMolly said...

That bacon-lentil soup sounds terrif. Are you sharing the recipe?

Also: I think Kate has something of her mama's artistic spirit. Blended with, perhaps, something of the graffiti muralist.

Helena said...

I should post the recipe! Doug's been making it fairly frequently. I'll get a picture.

Joy said...

I love the way these little ones think! It is so amazing to watch and learn! She is insanely adorable!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Have you ever tried to slice a boiled corn on the cob into smaller segments (say fourths or fifths) and then stick a chopstick into the middle? That's the way they eat them here, little corn shishkabobs. I'd love to see the recipe for the soup.

Andrea said...

Okay, I'm going back in time for a comment here, but.. oh you make me so homesick. First, I saw lentils, and I though, nobody eats lentils here in Kansas they way they did back in Oregon. Then I saw Sholz farm and I thought, I've been there.. and then Green River and then.. Trader joes. *sigh* I haven't been to Oregon since 1997, and I moved away from Northern California in 2001. I wanna go back!
And your blog is funny, too. RIght now my 2 1/2 year old is asleep holding a 3 1/4 inch floppy disc case. Isn't it funny what they want to hold? I like your daughter's art, too. Very nice.