Thursday, October 18, 2007

Itty-bitty birdie feet

I'm the spotlight designer of the month at NDISB, which means I've got an interview in this month's newsletter (that was fun to do). And I made this little mini-kit for a freebie, also in the newsletter.  I made the birds' feet and beaks out of Sculpey, and the button. (The feet probably should have been a little thicker, but they worked out okay.) I must do more with Sculpey in the future. It's just fun to play with.

I also finished up this shoelace template yesterday. A few people asked me if I could make a "boy" version of my ribbon lace-up. I was looking for a nice heavy twine, and couldn't find any, but then I discovered this old grubby shoelace and thought it was perfect. It's not very long, though, and wouldn't work for a full-page template, so I made a photo wrap to go with it. I'm still planning something with twine.

Since starting this digital design thing, I've sure gotten to play with lots of different stuff: ribbons, paper, paint, clay, beads, felt, embroidery floss... and potatoes. Mustn't forget the potatoes.

(Update: Since NDISB has closed, the shoelace template is now available here.)


Mimi said...


Laura said...

I've been stalking your blog for awhile now and just wanted to say "HI" and that you do amazing artwork! Loving the bluebirds, makes me want to digi scrap.

Angeltown said...

Hi Helena! Love the shoelace! I'm off to pick that up along with a couple other of your goodies I've had my eye on. Just wanted to say hi!

Heather Robinson said...

There is such freshness to your two pieces. Love the laces wrapped around paper and lovely photo. What a great sense of design you have.