Saturday, June 02, 2007

Putting the Fun back in Fungi

A couple of years ago, when my family was visiting for the occasion of Kate's birth, I sent my dad out for salad makings and we got into a discussion about who did and didn't like mushrooms. After identifying the fungophobes and fungophiles, we got a little wacky.

If you're afraid of mushrooms you're a fungophobe.
If you like mushrooms you're a fungophile.

Which means...

If you're afraid of people who like mushrooms you're a fungophilophobe
and if you like people who are afraid of mushrooms you're a fungophobophile.

This can, of course, be applied to lots of other words. Think of the possibilities!


Mimi said...

Tee hee, apparently I'm a fungophobe (althought fear is stating it awfully strong, I just dislike them)

KKT said...

mmmm... mushrooms!!!!

Jill said...

Oh good one! I'm a fungophobe & perhaps even a fungophilophobe!!!!