Sunday, June 24, 2007

Duck on my head

We've been watching some of the music videos on with Kate. There's one called "Pig on Her Head" that has a catchy tune and quite adaptable, if somewhat unlikely, lyrics. We've been playing around with it a bit, like the time Doug was carrying a box of books on his head and started singing "My dad has a box on his head."

So today, we were sitting in church and Kate was playing with the little bean-bag animals that Rebecca brings in her bag. There's a monkey, a koala, a rat, and a duck. It helps to keep Kate occupied, to have toys that she only sees on Sundays. She stood up on the pew next to me and started bouncing the duck on my head and singing "My mom has a duck on her head." Ha! This child is just too clever sometimes. I think that's the first time I've heard her put her own words in a song.


RedMolly said...

Well, how cute is that?

I think you should come to PDX to see LMB at PCB. (Although I don't think she's actually going to be at the City o' Books location... the Cedar Hills store sounds right.) Just LMK!

(entering self-imposed acronymoratorium)

Mom said...

Love it!--Mom