Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our little reader

Kate has loved books for a long time. She's always coming up to me with a book and saying "Read this! Read this!" (It was a great day when we got her to stop dropping them on our faces in bed.) She's interested in the words. When we read Hop on Pop she always wants to read the lists of rhyming words on the end papers. Several times, even. A few weeks ago she started pointing to the words herself and saying "fast past last, it bit, upside down." Sometimes she even gets fairly close to the right words that she's "reading." (We've done it so many times she's memorized where they are.)

We've had Mo Willems' stirring The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog out of the library before. It is currently visiting our home again, along with the adorable Knuffle Bunny. Kate loves both of these books. The last time we had the pigeon book, she was intrigued by the page where the pigeon loses it and yells "THAT'S IT!" Perhaps it's the big letters. Or the pigeon's crazed expression. Or the way that Mom yells "That's it!" when she's reading it. Kate would point to the letters when we got to that page. This time she's reading it with us.

We made an audio file yesterday. Kate's squalling a bit at the beginning, because she wanted to play with the microphone, but she still says "That's it!" right on cue.

Click here to hear Kate

And just for fun, we'll throw in some animal sounds too.


Julie Beth said...

What fun! The boys really loved Kate's animal sounds. She is such a bright little girl. She must get that from her Mom and Dad!

Theresa Hernandez said...

That is so stinking cute, Helena! It also makes me very verklempt for the days when my kids did this. Now they're way too big.

Mimi said...

So cute!

EK said...

Oh my gosh that's so darn cute! Ya know, my children's lit prof went on a rant one day about those pigeon books. He absolutely hated them. And when I got into teaching I pretty much hated them too. But some where given to me so I had them in my classroom library. And no kidding, they're some of my students favorite books, and my kids are 7 and 8!! So now I kind of like them because hey, if they make kids excited about reading, that's fine by me! :)

Mom said...


Love, Mom

Rachel said...

What a smart, beautiful little girl you have there! She is just adorable Helena... and getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Helena, I think you'd like Mo Willem's blog:
today's post especially fits what you posted about Kate. Look back at past posts for more doodles and fun tidbits. He has some little movies in there too.
~Julie (littlefish)