Friday, January 19, 2007

The cold wind doth blow, and we shall have snow

I used that phrase in a kit recently, and I wasn't sure if it was "cold wind" or "North wind." I did some googling and found lots of hits for both, as well as "the March wind doth blow," which was definitely not what I wanted. I decided to go with "cold" for maximum flexibility.

We had a snowy week. Doug missed a whole week of school, since his morning class kept getting canceled. Now he has to rearrange his syllabus.

The first snow was lovely and fluffy and sticky. We went out right before lunch time and made a snowman. It was the kind of snow where you roll the snowball and all the snow comes up off the ground, leaving a swath of bare grass behind you. I used up most of the snow in the yard making that snowman. We didn't have anything to put on it for a face, though. I think the reason Kate likes snowman is because of their cute faces. She didn't seem much impressed by this one.

The snowman slumped a little in an afternoon thaw, and then fell over that night as the wind picked up and temperatures dropped. The roads were bad. Schools closed. Sunday morning Doug tried for an hour to get the icy locks on his car open, and ended up walking to church for his early meetings.

It's been warming up and drizzling the past couple of days and the snow is mostly gone. Kate seems relieved to get out of the house again. And of course, we are happy that she's happy.


RedMolly said...

Snow--the most beautiful, least convenient weatherform there is. Snow--the one thing I'm really, truly going to miss about living in Grand Junction (tho' it looks as if the snow may be accompanying us to the Great Northwest).

Looks lovely at your house! Happy Snow to you all.

Theresa Hernandez said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! It's so funny that a week of school was missed by a light dusting, but if it ever snowed here, we'd be completely shut down until it all melted! When I grew up in Ohio, we were lucky to get one snow day if a blizzard came through. They would be out 24-hours a day clearing the streets so that everyone could get back to work.