Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

I love watching Doug and Kate play together. They are just so cute. Doug is a great dad. He reads her stories and makes up funny little songs (it's quite hilarious to hear "The Gingerbread Man" in various critical interpretations, like the Marxist reading or the feminist reading) and even lets her play with his cittern sometimes. It's fun to see how excited Kate is when Doug comes home. "Daddy" was one of her first words (along with "hi!"--she started saying them both right around the same time). Sometimes when we're in church she points up at the stand and yells "Daddy!" Here she's finding Daddy's nose.

This is my dad, piled on by most of his progeny. Barb was either a very small baby or not born yet. I was probably about 11. When Dad used to give us horse-back rides, or throw us up in the air and catch us, I always got to go first. He said it was easier to start with the heaviest one and work his way down.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy and Kate's daddy!


Megan said...

Woah! Mr. Helena and your dad look a lot alike in those photos.

Mimi said...

Happy Father's Day indeed!

I agree, your dad does look like Doug.

vanessa said...

helena, what a wonderful picture of you and your dad. and i just love that vintage dess that kate has on, with the little owl pockets. how sweet.