Monday, April 17, 2017


Spring is lovely, after an excessively rainy winter. We've had some really nice days lately. I have some tomato babies started inside.

We missed our neighborhood egg hunt, but Kate dug out our plastic eggs and we took turns hiding and finding them around the front yard. (She put a pink egg inside a pink tulip and I just wasn't seeing it at all--we had to play hot and cold for me to find it.)

Friday evening Kate and I went down to Olympia to see the Japanese movie Your Name. Peter and Karen saw it a couple of days earlier and strongly recommended it, so I looked it up to see where it was playing. It was quite fascinating and twisty, and the animation was really gorgeous. I was worried, briefly, that it wasn't going to have a satisfying ending, but it delivered at the last minute. The version we saw was dubbed; I realized later that the one showing in Tukwila was subtitled. I'd like to see it that way too, later. Kate said it's her new favorite movie.

I'm in the middle of more opera painting. Busy busy!

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