Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oh the Vashon Island Ferry is a Very Nice Ferry

In need of an outing--something fun but not too far--we decided to take the kids over to Vashon Island. It was a perfect day for it. ("Perfect" for me means not too hot and not too sunny.  I was pleased.)

Heading out from the dock at Point Defiance.

Andy thought the ferry was awesome, but loud!

Coming into Vashon. Kate remembered riding the ferry before, and jumping off a seat and hurting her nose (apparently that rather stuck with her), but only Doug had actually been on the island. We were excited to check it out.

We drove around the island a ways and went to see the Point Robinson Lighthouse.

The beach is covered with driftwood. A lot of it has been made into these cool fort-like structures.

We ate our picnic lunch in this one, for the shade.

Spotting a dead jellyfish in the water.

Shell with barnacles. I liked the texture.

Back on the ferry again.

Mt. Rainier and a container ship. There's some lenticular cloud action going on there.

My post title is a riff on an Arrogant Worms song about the Wolf Island Ferry. We usually end up singing it whenever there's a ferry around. (Kate asked me the other day--"Where is Wolf Island?" It's in Ontario.) There's a verse about lazy seagulls. We sang that one too.

We got home and had a little downtime before Kate and I left for the General Conference Women's Broadcast (first time at the south stake center, since they split the stake). Doug and Andy picked up El Sabor for dinner. Awesome!

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Helen in Australia said...

Looks like a cool place. I loikes oislands.