Monday, December 28, 2015

Seven and Eleven

Another year!  The kids' birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we got to take birthday pics in their church clothes.

Andy picked out a plastic slinky from the Primary birthday box. He keeps trying to make letters with it. I've untangled it twice.

Cory was ready to pose too.

Kate is looking older to me, all of a sudden. (To which she says, "I am older!")

Cake = slab of panettone. (Seasonally appropriate!)

Andy was so cute when he realized it was his turn to blow out his candles.

I did some wrapping paper stamping the day before. (The strawberries are also a present!)

Kawaii Polymer Clay Creations Some of the techniques are rather advanced, but there's some cute stuff that she'll be able to use, too.

We got Andy this magnetic poetry set. He hasn't done a lot with it yet, but Kate and I have been having some fun.

The next day we went up to East India Grill for lunch (Kate's choice--she eats more here than anywhere else!)

Yummy yummy yummy!

And, since we now have a seven-year-old and an eleven-year-old, we couldn't pass up the chance for a cultural reference. We stopped at 7-eleven on the way home and got slurpees.

Happy birthday kids!

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