Friday, November 20, 2015

The three-week electronic fast

Kate's been having trouble focusing and functioning in school, and trouble handling her frustration.  She's also prone to anxiety and some OCD-like behaviors, and often feels like no one understands her.  When a friend mentioned this book, Reset Your Child's Brain, by Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley, I thought it was worth checking out.  I still haven't finished the book (it's rather long) but I was completely convinced by the first chapter.  She recommends a three-week period of no electronics at all, to reduce attention, behavior, and other problems.   I talked to Kate about it and we're giving it a go.  The fact that she was willing  indicates that she knows something needs to change.  I hope it helps.  Fifth grade has been hard on her and on us.

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scrapper al said...

Good luck to you and Kate. We should all probably take an electronic break, though I'm not sure I would last more than a few hours.