Sunday, October 04, 2015

Conference Weekend (two years later)

October General Conference marks two years in our new house. Hard to believe it's been that long! There are a lot of things that we were hoping to accomplish that we still haven't, but on the whole it's been a good ride. We had a nice weekend at home, listening to Conference and working on various projects.

I spent the time putting together a stamp of a Korean song.  This is some very fiddly cutting.  I got four lines done. The other four will have to wait for another time.

And here's what Doug was working on. It's a Korean temple beast from one of our photos.

Kate made this out of Sculpey. (It's Gulper.)

Andy has been making Duplo block letters. This is an M. He wanted to hold it sideways. I was just impressed that he was willing to hold it up for the camera at all--he hasn't really been clear on the concept in the past.

I'm supposed to start painting the set for Don Giovanni tomorrow.  Going to be a busy month!

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Doug said...

that's a nice pic of Andy! It's certainly a surprise that he was willing to do that!