Friday, June 19, 2015

Conduit Trellis Frames

We got our trellis frames up!  I spent the longest time trying to figure out how to do these, and it turned out to be super easy.

We used electrical conduit (EMT).  It turns out that 1/2" conduit will fit inside 3/4" conduit, so we have 1/2" bars across the top with bends that fit into the 3/4" uprights, which fit into the 1" PVC pipe bolted to the sides of the boxes.  No connectors needed. 

I thought we were going to have to do some complicated measuring and calculating to get the bends the right distance apart, but then I found this video.  You just make one bend, figure out where the outside of the leg on the second bend needs to be, mark it, and line that up with the star point on the bender.  I was able to do it all myself (with a little help from Doug to hold the first leg perpendicular to the ground while I bent the second one up to match).  Snap!  It was really fun how quickly they went together.  (We did end up having to buy our own bender, so hey, if anyone needs any conduit bent, let me know!)

I got this netting, which turned out to be just barely long enough for our four boxes. It's fastened to the frames with zip ties. 

One month after transplanting. We're having a  warm summer and the plants are loving it.  If they keep growing at this rate they're going to max out those trellises before the end of the season.  (That's lettuce and basil in there too.  Yum!)

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