Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Fair and Korean Barbecue

The Spring Fair is like the State Fair's smaller, cheaper, less-crowded younger sibling. (Where parking is much less of a hassle!) We went last year and enjoyed it, so thought we'd go again.

We took along Kate's slushie cup (which is a couple of years old now), and they gave us a free refill. Nice!

A lot of the things that we particularly enjoyed last time were not there this year, but we still had a good time. Doug and Andy found a belt with the Greek alphabet on it, so Andy had to read it.

Andy is tall enough to ride the ferris wheel. (Which we knew, since he did it last year, but the ticket-taker wanted to check!)

Kate on the ferris wheel.

We had a coupon deal for six rides, so we were going to just do the ferris wheel and then have the kids pick out one more ride each, but we ended up getting to ride the ferris wheel free (since the ticket-taker guy was having trouble with his scanner, and we waited nicely for a few minutes), so we got a few more rides. Andy and Kate both went on the carousel, and then Andy dragged me over to this balloon ride. 

Ice cream tastes better if you close your eyes.

We ended up watching this Dock Dogs competition for a while. I didn't even know this was a thing! It was pretty fun to watch--the dogs were obviously having a great time. They jump off the dock into a pool, going for distance. They said the record is something like 25 feet.

We met Anne Marie Corey and her daughter Kaela at Palace Korean Grill for dinner. Kaela has gotten interested in Korean dramas and K-Pop, so we wanted to go get some food.

Naeng Myun!

It occurred to me after the fact that we could have gone to a different place that does the barbecue on the not all-you-can-eat model, which would have been cheaper. (It was yummy, though... and I was very full!) Next time, kimchi jjigae!

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