Thursday, December 25, 2014

Like a Kid at Christmas

This year's tree is a Grand Fir. Isn't it cute? You may notice it's a little sparsely decorated on the bottom (aside from the paper chain that Doug and I made out of gelli prints). This was our first Christmas with a cat. He was pretty good (mostly), but we did have to keep the ornaments up higher.

Christmas morning! Kate had her usual trouble sleeping the night before, but was still up at 7:00. (I made her wait a little longer, but couldn't squeeze out more than a few minutes!) Andy was still pretty groggy.

Kate unwraps a hand-painted dragon hoodie.

Andy gets a Pete the Cat shirt.

Cory helps with the wrapping paper.

The picture cracks me up--Kate hugs her new Beanie Boo kitty, while in the background the other kitty stages a stealthy attack on the tree. (Naughty!)

Aunt Betsey got us Mastermind! This one has five spaces in the code. Oooh.

We replaced Andy's Magna-Doodle with the same model. (He's pretty hard on them.) He went to work right away drawing Mo Willem's pigeon.

This year's Christmas Pizza. (I had a little trouble with this one--will do better next time!)

Doug and Kate assemble some K'Nex.

We had Grandma Mary over later, spending the night on her way from Everett to Portland.  The kids always love having her here.  (Andy just lit up when she came in--so cute!)

 I got a new (refurbished) computer, which is fabulous (yay!), but I'm having a little trouble calibrating my monitor. (Same monitor and calibrator that I had before, but maybe Windows 7 reacts differently?) So I'm not sure how these will look.

My sister Betsey has been scanning some old photos, and found this one of Kirsten and me visiting Santa when we were little. (I'm the one on the right.) Poor Santa looks like he's had a long day!

Merry Christmas!

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