Monday, June 16, 2014

Two Pencil Portraits

I just finished these up for my friend Dawn. She wanted them done for her parents' wedding anniversary (which is, coincidentally, also my parents' anniversary--we figured out that they were married on the same day and probably very near the same hour.)

I've been busy with all the bathroom stuff, and then had to shift gears and focus on drawing for a while. It was a bit hectic but a good break. (What's that saying? A change is as good as a rest?) I did these on Canson art board, which I'd never used before but probably will again. 

In progress! This kind of hair is complicated and fiddly--it does take a while, but it's kind of fun to do.

I need a better pencil sharpener!


Casey Massey, Digital Scrapbooking Designer said...

I've used pencil before to create portraits and I can appreciate your skill and style. Lovely. CM

Helen in Australia said...

They look wonderful. There's a life to them, not just the realistic look.