Sunday, April 06, 2014

Conference Weekend (six months later)

General Conference happens every six months, on the first Saturday and Sunday in April and in October. Last Conference Saturday we were moving into our new house. That was certainly a crazy weekend.  (And then it took us a few more weeks to get everything out of the old apartment!) This time we can relax and watch the broadcast. I've mentioned that I like to have a project to work on while listening. That didn't quite happen this time--I ordered another Japanese crochet book but it hasn't come yet. I've just been working on some photo editing.

It really doesn't feel like six months.  There were things about home ownership that came as a surprise (you mean we have to pay for the sewer?) but we're getting the hang of it.  More or less.   We haven't done much yet, but we've finally figured out exactly what we're going to do with the bathroom, so hey, that's a start!

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