Friday, April 12, 2013

High Tide at Titlow

I wanted to get a picture of Grimmie in front of the Narrows Bridge, so I asked Kate if she'd like to go down to Titlow Beach with me after school. It was a lovely sunny day, but windy and chilly. We went down the beach and around the point toward the bridge.

I had discovered that I couldn't get Grimmie and the background in focus with my 50mm lens, so I thought I might have better luck on a sunny day. It was still tricky.

We ran into some friends who used to be in our ward.

There's a pretty wooded area on the bluff above the beach.

Back down to the water. It was really windy. Grimmie kept blowing over.

Coming back we discovered that we'd been cut off by the tide. There's a spot where the rocks jut out farther, and the water was all the way up. I thought about trying to climb across the rocks (which didn't look easy with Kate and my camera bag), or going the long way around through the woods (wasn't sure how long that would take, and it was getting close to dinner), so I decided to just wade for it. My shoes were already in pretty bad shape anyway, and I'd been saying for months that I needed to get some new ones. So I rolled up my jeans, hoisted Kate up on my back, and waded into the sound. 

Looking back--you can see the place where the rocks stick out into the water. It's only cut off when the tide is all the way in.

Back at the beach entrance, we tried a couple more pictures of Grimmie.

I like this one best! We didn't even have to go down the beach at all. But we had a nice day and a fun little adventure, even if I did completely destroy my shoes.

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Helen in Australia said...

Sorry to hear about your shoes (what tales their tongues could tell; what adventurous soles they are), but it looks like a lovely spot. The wooded area seems particularly beautiful, but the views over the narrows (and the wides) are also good.

And Grimmie is gorgeous.