Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drawing Dragons with Kate

Andy and I were both sick yesterday and Kate ended up spending way too long on the computer, so in the evening we switched things up with some tag-team drawing.  We took turns starting the dragons and then adding parts.

We came up with quite a variety!  Kate was telling me about their names and habits while we created them. 


  1. First draw an S. Then draw a more different S...

  2. And then give them style and character. They're great.

    (I remember seeing the instructions for drawing an owl. The first step showed two ovals for head and body and was captioned "Draw two ovals". The second step showed a fully fleshed out detailed drawing of a beautiful nocturnal bird of prey, and was captioned "Then draw the rest of the owl"!)

  3. Seriously adorable dragons--and what's with the comment spam? Uck!

  4. Oh My God, they are so Cute!!


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