Friday, October 12, 2012

A Brace of Bulborbs

A Bulborb is a creature from the video game Pikmin. Kate recently got a stuffed Pikmin figure (ebay!) and wanted a Bulborb to go with it, but we couldn't find one online, so I said I would make her a crocheted one for my Conference weekend project. Before it was finished we were having fun using it as a puppet, so I asked Kate if she wanted me to stuff it or leave it as a puppet.  Her solution was that I should make two--stuffed Bulborb and puppet Bulborb. I decided puppet Bulborb should be a little smaller, to fit Kate's hand.  She is thrilled with the new additions to her menagerie and has named them Big Gulp and Little Gulp. 

Kate lost a front tooth the day before, so she's looking particularly gappy. Grin!

I've never made anything with a mouth that opens like this before. I made the mouth inside part first (a long oval that folds in half) and then built the rest around it. Doug thought the eyes were cool.

Little Gulp checks out a mushroom.

nom nom nom



Mimi said...

What great puppets!
I love Kate's shorter hair and gap-tooth smile.

Heather T. said...

You're amazing--and those things are seriously cute! (and yes, the eyes trump all--though I'm partial to the polka dots too)

Helen in Australia said...

They're awesome. The eyes are definitely "up there" on the coolness scale.

(And you've gotta love a mum who can not only invent the whole pattern but will do a stuffed one AND a puppet one as well)

scrapper al said...

The Bluborbs are so cute! You are very talented and Kate looks very happy with the additions to her menagerie.

tel4him said...

My 9 year old would completely flip over that!! Do you have a pattern somewhere?

Helena said...

I don't, sorry! I just kind of made it up as I went.